Superhuman (Special Edition)


Illustrated Volume
Publisher: Inky Robot Media
ISBN 9789529279005
Signed by Tero Puha
Limited Edition of 50 copies
Includes an original print

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The illustrated volume containing over two hundred photographs and pieces of work documentation provides a comprehensive view of Tero Puha’s production from 1995-2010. It includes this versatile artist’s pop-art works, black-and-white body studies, video projects and installations, plus written contributions by leading Finnish writers, curators and researchers Leevi Haapala, Livia Hekanaho, Leena-Maija Rossi, Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger and Annamari Vänskä.

High-quality 4-colour litho printing /204 pages / 23 cm x 23 cm / Hardback / Perfect bound / Languages: English/Finnish.

This special edition comes in a vinyl pouch and includes an original print.

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