Is art a good investment?

It can be but it is impossible to predict which artworks will go up in value in the future. We strongly advice buying art that resonates with you and makes you happy.

Why should I buy directly from artist?

Buying directly from the artist is the most natural way to purchase art. When other parties, such as galleries, are involved you will get a watered down version of the process. Some people feel that buying from a gallery is somehow more prestitigous. It is not true, it is an illusion. True lover of art will buy directly from the artist as this will benefit both parties. The artist gets a bigger cut and the buyer gets a better price.

How do I know if artist is worth investing in?

Like we said, you should look into art that resonates with you. You can also look at artist´s CV to check what kind of exhibitions/awards they have received. Checking whether artist´s works have been bought by notable museum or private collections can be also be a good indicator of artist´s career path.

Can I come and see artwork in person before buying? Can I take the work home with me at the same time?

If there is a print ready and available, you are welcome to view the artwork in one of the artwork storages in Pitäjänmäki or Vallila, Helsinki. Most often the stored works are framed and ready to hang. If you want to ask for a personal visit, please email us at shop(a) and we can arrange a time. If artwork is available and you are happy with the frame, you can take it home at the same time.

How are the artworks delivered?

Delivery is free with most of the artworks. We pack everything carefully and we will be in contact about the choice of delivery methods. Please note that when ordering outside EU, custom duties might be payable and are your responsability.

I would like to buy the work and pay in installments. Is this possible?

You can use Klarna to split your payment. You can also email us at shop(a) to talk about another arrangement.

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